Monday, January 5, 2015

I was transferred in the middle of the transfer ~ Lexington Week 1 ~ Mission Week 26

This pictures is off the internet, not sent by Jennica

Hello everyone!

This week was beyond crazy... where to even begin? I have yet to have a normal transfer on my mission thus far. In fact, this transfer I was transferred in the middle of the transfer. Yes, that's right. Allow me to elaborate.

This past Monday night, at around 8 pm I might add, Hmna Barajas and I got a call from our Mission President. He asked if we would like to have our car back. Of course we said yes! He then proceeded to tell us that we would get it back.... but in a bit of a different way. He told us that he was closing our entire area and that we had to be completely moved out of our apartment by Wednesday morning at 7 am. This also included moving out furniture, dishes, EVERYTHING that was in the apartment, cleaning out our area book, and running around trying to say goodbye to our investigators and ward members. We had one day to do it. It was beyond insane. Luckily we did receive some help from our district leaders, ward members, and the housing coordinators! It was a miracle. Sister Roderick, the housing coordinator, told us that no one was planning on coming to help us, and they told her not to, but she decided to come anyway with her husband. It was divine revelation! Had we not had them there Hmna Barajas and I would have been up the ENTIRE night in addition to working the entire day and being up all night the previous night. I am so grateful for the area I served in and the wonderful people there. I am going to miss them so much.

First, the reasons for our area closing were because it was so small and also because of how unsafe our area was. Especially without a car. It was crazy. And our car would never be returned. The complex we lived in was not a kosher place to be living, and they finally realized that. The reason for it happening in the middle of a transfer is because some other sisters went home... and it happened to work out to transfer us right then.

Second, it was really amazing because I finally felt like the English and Spanish members have become more unified. In fact, with two of our investigators that we have had for quite a while, ward members told me that they would make sure that they weren't forgotten and that they would do everything they could for them and to fellowship them. It meant the absolute world to me, to the point of tears. I love these people so much and the fact that the English members could see that and see how important these people are really meant so much. In addition, we had lost contact with Cesar, but he called the night before we left. He said that he is still reading and still doing everything and that he won't stop doing it. It made my year that he called us to say goodbye. The ward members have been so good with him and realize that we can't lose him. I know that he will not be lost. I have realized that God will find a way to have the elect to receive the gospel. He will.

Lastly, it was pretty sad. I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to give another area all of the people we were teaching. I loved my area so much, and now it is completely closed. It was really, really hard. But there are purposes behind it and I know that the people we were teaching will somehow get the chance to receive the gospel again.

So, where am I now? I am in the great city of Lexington!! It was actually Hermana Baraja's old area. Here's the other crazy thing: I am actually serving in a trio right now with Hmnas De La Vega and Arnoldsen. Hermana De La Vega will be going home in two weeks... which is when transfers actually are, so it works out that I will just stay with Hmna Arnoldsen this next transfer. I absolutely love them!! We seriously have a blast together. I'm sad that we only get to be in a trio for two and half weeks because I love them so much. We also have a car. Praise the Lord. Life is good. It was really sad to leave my area and have it get completely shut down, but I am happy to be in Lexington. I really like it here. And we are in a Spanish branch! No more translating!

That's what I have for this week. It was insane.

Hasta luego.

Hermana Failner

This picture is off the internet, not sent by Jennica

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