Monday, May 18, 2015

Work until you literally collapse... a week with health issues that are beyond frustrating ~ Mission week 42 ~ Lexington week 20

Hello everyone,

I can't really email this week. If you do not receive a direct email from me, this is why. I am really out of it.

On Tuesday I went to the doctor to get some meds for a sinus infection and ear infection. I supposedly had a really bad reaction to the meds. and collapsed while we were walking to an appointment. I felt really, really weak, and would periodically black out. I couldn't move at all and the Elders had to come and carry me back to the car and into our apartment. I had to go to the ER because I couldn't stop shaking the next day. They didn't find anything and told me to go home and rest.

I have still been feeling really shaky, weak, and out of it, but decided it would be best to just keep going because the doctors wouldn't be able to find anything wrong. Yesterday at church I collapsed again after Sunday school and the same thing happened. I couldn't move or walk, was super loopy, and had to be carried out again. I didn't black out at all this time and was a little more aware, but still had the same things.

Today I will supposedly be going to the doctor to try and figure out what's wrong. I really hope they do, because this is beyond frustrating. I hate being like this.

If I don't respond to your emails, it's because I really just don't have the energy to and am out of it.

Love you all! Hope to have a better week next week.

Hermana Failner

Monday, May 11, 2015

One of the highlights of my week was taking Rey out teaching with us as a member to one of Francisco's lessons ~ Mission week 41 ~ Lexington week 19

 The Lexington North Zone - Zone Leaders are Elder Eastin and Elder Trost

Hello everyone!

I don't have a lot of time this week, but it has been a good week! Francisco is still going really strong! He basically knows everything there is to know about the gospel. He has literally been living his entire life like a Mormon would, and it truly was already his lifestyle, he just hasn't been baptized :) It has been so incredible working with him. One of the highlights of my week was taking Rey out teaching with us as a member to one of Francisco's lessons. I felt so proud!! It was so awesome and something I will always treasure.

Missions are incredible. It is my everything and I love this work so much. I am trying to treasure every day.

I love you all!

Hermana Failner

Monday, May 4, 2015

I have learned that we literally are nothing, and that God and the spirit does all of the work ~ Mission week 40 ~ Lexington week 18

Hello everyone!

This week was seriously so incredible and filled with miracles. We have been working so hard and have been so blessed for it.

Francisco is still doing amazing!! He came to church this Sunday and loved it. Sometimes I question if he is even a real person and if this is all really happening... he is so ridiculously prepared! We taught him the Word of Wisdom yesterday, and told him that he couldn't drink coffee anymore. His response was "oh, I just won't drink it tomorrow morning then." It was that simple. Everything makes so much logical sense to him. When we asked him why he thought it was important to know that the Book of Mormon was true, his response was "I would imagine that by knowing the Book of Mormon is true, that I will really know that the first vision happened, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet." Afterwards, we told him that he could also know that this was the restored church of Jesus Christ. He responded "But I already know that this is the true and restored church, and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God!" He seriously is so prepared. We literally don't have to do anything. He just knows and he just gets it. It is all the spirit. We are literally just there and just the mouthpieces. I have learned that we literally are nothing, and that God and the spirit does all of the work. He blesses us when we are prepared, but takes it over from there.

The other miracle we had this week was with another adorable woman! This was probably one of the most touching and spirit guided lessons I have ever had on my mission. It is all the spirit and never is us. We were working in our normal area, but both felt very impressed to go to a different area that wouldn't be very miles efficient and because of construction, usually takes about 20-30 extra minutes to get there. We decided to go anyway and I am so glad we did! We knocked on a door that some English people had told us was a hispanic, and Lisa answered.We introduced ourselves, explained a little bit about our message, and asked if we could come in. She instantly invited us in and we were able to teach her the restoration in about 20 minutes! It was the most effortless, easiest, most spiritual restoration lesson I have ever taught. When we invited her to be baptized she instantly accepted and told us "Absolutely yes!" She also immediately accepted a baptismal date. After wards, I had no idea why, I told her that she was a fighter, and Hermana Imlay followed by telling her that she was a survivor. After hearing these words, she started to sob. She said "it's so ironic that you use those exact words, I just left an abusive relationship, and this is exactly what I needed to hear." It was one of the most incredible, tender moments. She is so prepared and is so ready. After the lesson, Hermana Imlay and I were talking about everything that had happened. She told me that she had wanted to use the word fighter, and after she had thought that, I had said it. But that the word survivor just came out of her mouth without her even realizing it. This work is never us. The spirit, Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ are always behind it and lead us to the people that really need it. I really needed this this week.

Con amor,
Hermana Failner

Monday, April 27, 2015

Francisco really does have a true belief and faith in Jesus Christ ~ Mission week 39 ~ Lexington week 17

This week was interesting.

The highlights of the week were our lessons with Francisco! He has been progressing so fast, and it has been really amazing to watch. He is really starting to recognize the spirit and it has been cool to see. He has taken everything that we have taught him so well, and really does have a true belief and faith in Jesus Christ. We taught him about the plan salvation, and he just loved it! He had never heard of any of it before, but it all made perfect and logical sense to him. He has such sincere desires and it has been cool to teach him. The spirit is always so incredibly strong.

Other than that, our week has been filled with a lot of finding and finding mostly white people. I suppose they need the gospel too :) But I'm sure more Hispanics will come around soon. I don't have a ton of time this week.

Hermana Failner

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Lord was definitely on our side ~ Mission week 38 ~ Lexington week 16

Hello everyone!

I am limited on time, so this will be a short one.

It has been a really good week! We met a new investigator, Francisco, on Wednesday, taught him the first lesson, and he showed up to church on Sunday! Things don't usually work out this easily! I was a little worried, because the gospel principles class topic was a little deep for a first timer. After church, we asked him if had any questions or concerns about his experience. His only concern was that he didn't know how to sing the hymns and that he really wanted to learn how so he could be prepared for next week :) He's seems to be taking things well!

We have found some more great people! One in particular, named Nina (she does speak Spanish!!), really caught my attention this week. We decided to go knocking at some duplexes, and her husband answered the door, we asked him if we could come in and say prayer, as we were talking to him, Nina and her family pulled up to the house. He told us that we would have to ask her if we could (this doesn't usually happen in Hispanic culture, the man of the house always has a say in who comes in first) The Lord was definitely on our side! She told us we could come in, and we had an incredible first lesson with her! During the lesson, she started to cry and told us how grateful she was that came in, and that we came at the exact right time.  Her husband had been very sick and had just gotten out of the hospital. I know we were there for a reason!

Hermana Failner

Monday, April 13, 2015

A seed was planted ~ Mission week 37 ~ Lexington week 15

Hello everyone!

This week has been quite interesting. We have been in the finding stages without a lot of luck. However, I know that Heavenly Father has prepared hispanic people for us here to teach. It will all happen in his own due time.

Lately this week we have been mostly talking with English people and giving a bunch of referrals. I'm not sure where all of the hispanics went! But we have had some really cool experiences. We ran into a woman named Laura, who is going through cancer and chemo. She told us how grateful she was that we came and talked to her and that she really needed it. I know we were placed in her path for a reason, and she really made my day.

In addition, we were knocking some apartments, and this lady answered. She didn't seem interested and was about to shut the door, but we asked if we could offer a prayer with her. She reluctantly agreed. As I was offering the prayer, I really felt inspired about what I should say... in fact I don't even remember what I said in it. After the prayer she looked at us for a while and then hugged us. She told us that she wasn't interested in our message but to keep doing what we were doing, and that the prayer was exactly what she needed. It was an interesting experience. At least the seed was planted.

Hermana Failner

Monday, April 6, 2015

Ray has had a great week. We're struggling to find people to teach but know we will find the elect ~ Mission week 36 ~ Lexington week 14

Hello! Rey's baptism was great. He is such an awesome guy! I'm so proud of him! He makes me prouder every day! He teaches me so much. He has a had a great week and seems to be faring well. We have been struggling to find people to teach. That's usually what tends to happen after a baptism. Just finding a lot. But it has been really good and I know we will find the elect. My comp's first name is Sierra. She is from Hurricane, Utah. She is 20. We have had a good time together! We both have a great love for food :) Haha. She is also an extremely hard worker. We just have the same work ethic and it's really, really nice.

 Hermana Failner