Monday, January 12, 2015

First week in Lexington ~ Lexington Week 2 ~ Mission Week 27

Hello everyone!

It has been quite the week this week in my new area of Lexington! I have to admit, having a car has been absolutely amazing. I'm not really sure how I survived biking for as long as a did. It's a milagro that I am still alive!

I absolutely love it here in Lexington! It is the promised land. Our area is huge compared to my last one! There are SO many apartment complexes... and they are all filled with Hispanics! I couldn't believe how many we find and see every day! In fact, I think I contact more Hispanics than English people. I never thought in a thousand years that would happen! It's been beyond awesome! In addition, I love the branch. It has been so fun working in a Spanish Branch. The members are so solid here. It has been a pleasure working with them thus far. They also help me with my Spanish, which never hurts! I'm going to need it.... Hermana De La Vega goes home in a week and Hermana Arnoldsen is younger than me in the mission. This means that the Spanish I know, plus the Spanish she knows is what we are going to be working with. It's a tad bit scary. But I know we can do it! It's going to be challenging, but I know that God will help us.

We have a great new investigator right now named Cesar. So ironic! I think I am destined to find the Cesars in the world. He is awesome and has been taught by Hermanas before. He came to church last week and is doing well! I'm excited to keep teaching him.

In addition, Gladys is another great person we are working with. We had an amazing lesson with her that was so powerful. Teaching in a trio has been beyond amazing. I don't know how we do it, but the spirit literally is the one that guides us. The lesson we had with her was solely the spirit. And she set her own baptismal date! She's pretty fabulous!

Lastly, I have a crazy moment of the week. I am pretty sure that I am on a first name basis with the Kentucky police department. Whenever a crazy accident happens where witnesses are needed, I always seem to be there. We saw a little boy get hit by a car. It was really alarming. We stayed as witnesses and comforted him before the police came. He was the sweetest. He will be okay, but was pretty hurt. I now use the cross walks with a lot more caution.

Hasta la pasta.

Hermana Failner

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