Monday, May 18, 2015

Work until you literally collapse... a week with health issues that are beyond frustrating ~ Mission week 42 ~ Lexington week 20

Hello everyone,

I can't really email this week. If you do not receive a direct email from me, this is why. I am really out of it.

On Tuesday I went to the doctor to get some meds for a sinus infection and ear infection. I supposedly had a really bad reaction to the meds. and collapsed while we were walking to an appointment. I felt really, really weak, and would periodically black out. I couldn't move at all and the Elders had to come and carry me back to the car and into our apartment. I had to go to the ER because I couldn't stop shaking the next day. They didn't find anything and told me to go home and rest.

I have still been feeling really shaky, weak, and out of it, but decided it would be best to just keep going because the doctors wouldn't be able to find anything wrong. Yesterday at church I collapsed again after Sunday school and the same thing happened. I couldn't move or walk, was super loopy, and had to be carried out again. I didn't black out at all this time and was a little more aware, but still had the same things.

Today I will supposedly be going to the doctor to try and figure out what's wrong. I really hope they do, because this is beyond frustrating. I hate being like this.

If I don't respond to your emails, it's because I really just don't have the energy to and am out of it.

Love you all! Hope to have a better week next week.

Hermana Failner

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