Monday, September 8, 2014

Dropped by both investigators, Met two wonderful investigators Arturro and Teo!! Former friend was just given six months to live... ~ Hurstbourne Week 4 ~ Mission Week 9

Hello everyone!

Sorry for no email last week, things have been crazy!

This week has been filled with ups and downs... but also some miracles! We got dropped by our progressing investigators with baptismal dates, two days in a row. It has been hard, but we have seen some miracles from it!

After we got dropped, one of after the other, we literally found a hispanic, taught them lesson one, and challenged them to baptismal dates! It was crazy! Wasn't even planned at all!! They were amazing lessons.

The first was with Arturro. He is amazing! He has had a Book of Mormon and has been reading it for the past four months when we found him. He talked about how much it has helped him make changes and how much he wants to have more peace in his life. We taught him outside of a gas station. Haha. But it was the most amazing lesson I have ever had. My companion and I were able to teach in unity, and my Spanish has never been that fluent. It's amazing what the spirit can do. When I told him the first vision, it was one of the most incredible and spiritual experiences of my life. I always feel the spirit when I say it, but never like this. I felt like I was staring into his soul, and him into mine. When I finished we both had tears in our eyes. It was something I will never forget. There is something so different about him. It was so amazing to be able to look at someone and to know of the truthfulness of all of things, to testify, and to have it have such a an effect on someone. He is amazing, and I have so much hope for him. He told me at the end that he knew of the truthfulness because his heart and his soul had been touched, and that he knew of it's truthfulness. The spirit is so amazing. We don't convert, the spirit converts. I learn that every day.

The next is Teo! We also just randomly found him, contacted him, and taught him L1 on the spot! He had the same kind of look about him that Arturro did. It was amazing, and we challenged him to a baptismal date! Teaching him was also amazing. The spirit really does work wonders with people. This week I have learned to really trust in the spirit, and to not be afraid to speak when the spirit tells me to say something, even when I know my spanish might be wrong.

One of our investigators that dropped us, we just found out yesterday has six months to live. This is why she and her boyfriend, Hector had dropped us. My companion and I just felt like we needed to go visit them, even though they told us to not come back for awhile. I am so glad we did. She told us of the news that she had received. Honestly, it broke my heart. She talked about how scared she was. I was able to share Jacob 3:1 with her, and she said it touched her heart, and the spirit that she felt was something so special. I don't know what will happen, and it's sounding like she will be moving away, but I am so grateful that we were able to tell her about the plan of salvation, and that there is no end to life. The love I feel for my investigators is something I have never quite experienced before. I am able to mourn with them when they mourn, and cry with them when they cry. It was a really bitter sweet moment with her, something I will never forget. I don't understand why bad things happen to good people, and it really hurts sometimes. The gospel has been my saving grace, and I'm glad I can share that with others. The concept of life after death has really been something I have used a lot while I have been out here, I run into so people who are scared to die, and who don't know if they will see loved ones again. This is why I do what I do.

Anyway, I love you all. Thank you for all of the support. It is needed, and I feel it!

Nos vemos!

Hermana Failner

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