Monday, November 24, 2014

I am finally starting to feel that my Spanish is no longer as a big of a language barrier ~ Fairdale Week 10 ~ Mission Week 20

Hello everyone!!

This email is going to be very brief this week, I have been really sick and I really just want to sleep. I have had a fever for the past four days, my voice has been completely gone, and I have a sinus infection. Being sick as a missionary is awful! But we have seen some blessings this week for sure!

The highlight of my week was finding a new family to teach. There names are Marisela and Mario! I contacted Mario on an exchange and it was really, really powerful. They seem to be very prepared for the gospel. We taught them the restoration and it was really powerful! Marisela, who is catholic, asked a question about why little infants need to be baptized and that she really felt like they shouldn't. It was such a perfect question to ask! Were able to use Moroni 8 to show her that her kids don't need to be baptized until they are 8. This is usually one of the hardest concepts for us to teach and explain to catholics, and it made complete and total sense to her! It was an amazing experience. This lesson was also the first time I truly felt that I could express myself and use the exact words I wanted  to in Spanish. I didn't feel like a robot, and am finally starting to feel that my Spanish is no longer as a big of a language barrier. I can't wait for it to continually improve!

Until next week.

Hermana Failner

Monday, November 17, 2014

It was one of the most effortless yet most powerful lessons I have ever had ~ Fairdale Week 9 ~ Mission Week 19

Hello everyone!

Well, this week was interesting. It has been really cold here! But it is good for us! We have really been blessed and it's been awesome to see!

Cesar is still doing well! He is coming to church and we will be starting addiction recovery with him on Saturday with the help of a member family and also the bishop. It's been awesome to get so much support for Cesar so he can overcome this! I am excited to see what happens with all of this! He is doing amazing.

Next, we had a great lesson with Isabel, another investigator who has read the Book of Mormon twice and has an incredible testimony, and who comes to church... she just needs to figure out how to get married to her boyfriend. We had a great lesson with her and related the issues she has been having to the brother of Jared. How we need to come up with a plan when we have a problem, take it to the Lord, and then He will provide. The spirit was so strong in the lesson! We committed her to searching the scriptures and to come up with a plan that she could take to the Lord about what to do. It was a really powerful lesson and she related to the brother of Jared so much. She is amazing.

We also had a great lesson with Aroceli, another investigator who is amazing! We also had a member, Hermana Perez, out with us who speaks Spanish! It was such a powerful lesson about the plan of salvation, and then about baptism. We read in 3rd Nephi about when Christ explains to the people what baptism is and what she needs to do. The spirit was so strong. It was one of the most effortless yet most powerful lessons I have ever had. It flowed and was more of a conversation. It was amazing. I want to have more lessons like this!

We have had a great week, and I cant wait to work hard and to find more people to bring to Christ.

Love you all!
Hermana Failner

Monday, November 10, 2014

I have learned to not be afraid and to truly act on the promptings of the spirit ~ Fairdale Week 8 ~ Mission Week 18

Hello everyone!!

This has been one of the craziest, most bizarre weeks of my mission thus far. I don't even know where to begin. I'll talk about investigators first.

Cesar is doing great! He wants to start another addiction recovery program and we are getting that started with him this week. He is doing amazing! He came to church and went to the fireside we had that night as well. His ability to understand the scriptures and to apply them in his life really amazes me. The ward has also been incredible about fellowshipping him. I have so much hope for him! It's exciting to see the growth that he has every day!

Next is Eva! She is amazing. She had been taught by the missionaries before, and we found out that she was all the way in Alma! We had such an amazing, spirit driven lesson with her. It truly was one of the first times I felt completely in tune with the spirit and did exactly what it told me to, even if it was a little crazy. The impressions I got during the lesson I really questioned, but I decided to act on them. I'm so glad I did. She has a baptismal date now and is doing well. it was really amazing because after Hermana Barrajas and I came out of the lesson she told me that things I said and the direction I took the lesson were the exact thoughts and impressions she had! It was such a cool experience. I have learned to not be afraid and to truly act on the promptings of the spirit. Every day I am learning more and more of how to discern the promptings of the spirit.

Lastly, Saturday was the craziest day. I don't even know where to begin. We got a call from the APs saying that they were going to take our car. They broke news using the story of Job and how all of his property was taken... and yet he still was faithful. They then announced to us that they would be taking the car in the next hour. So, our car was taken and moved to another area that needs it more right now. it was sad. And it's winter. And freezing. Haha. The joys of missionary work. Next, we had an appointment in a place where we can't ride our bikes to because of the gravel. We called our appointment to see if he would be there and he said he was there with his whole family waiting. The ride we had with a member fell through. So... we walked the 5 miles to our appointment. Once we got out there, he told us that he had to leave to get medicine for his daughter. After our long trek, we decided to work in another trailer park. In this trailer park I was bitten by another dog. yes, another dog. Even with my boots and leggings it bit the skin that was out of my boot. Luckily the leggings did protect it and the bite is just red and bruised. Luckily this time there was no broken skin and no ER visit! I have no idea how we would have gotten there since our car was taken. Later, as we went to another trailer park, a car stopped us and told us that there was a coyote about 20 feet away from us and that we needed to turn around and run. 10 long miles later, we still here and alive. It was a crazy day!

In addition, in this past week, we were also informed that Hermana Barrajas and I would be trying out something that the mission is thinking of implementing in other Spanish areas. Now, in the area we are in, any English people we come in contact with we are permitted to teach and no longer send English referrals. So now we are teaching both English and Spanish people. It has been an interesting change and has made us a lot busier. I have also realized how rusty my English has become! It is so much harder for me to teach in English than Spanish. But we have faith and have found some great people. It is a crazy change, but Hermana Barrajas and I are ready for just about everything after the week we've had.

Nos vemos!

Hermana Failner

Monday, November 3, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit me ~ Fairdale Week 7 ~ Mission Week 17

Hello everyone!!

Wow, lots of changes have happened this week! La Hermana Wilbur se fue! My companion was transferred and now I have new one, Hermana Barrajas!! She is awesome! She is a native from Mexico, but she has been living in Brooklyn. Seriously, her Spanish is so awesome. I could listen to her talk all day! She is really helping me with Spanish, especially with my terrible accent. I'm hoping she'll rub off on me :) We have lots of fun together and have been working so hard! We have so many ideas for the area that we are in and I can't wait to see how it will grow. Our area is tiny and it's looking like expanding is going to be possible now! We can't wait to see what happens.

I was so nervous about leading an area, but believe it or not, it has actually been great! Everything just continues to function and we have seen so many miracles. We have prayed so much for inspiration and have been doing a lot of finding in some different apartment complexes and neighborhoods that I haven't been to a ton. It's been awesome to see!

In addition, probably one of the biggest highlights of my week was Cesar. He has been doing so well and is now calling us again every night again. He tells us about his reading in the Book of Mormon and applies it to his life. He has a desire to come to church again and we even got him to Stake Conference! It was so perfect for him and he said it was exactly what he needed to hear. In addition, we had the most amazing lesson with him on Saturday about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how he can live his life and overcome his addictions. We have always wanted Cesar to get into the 15 step program, but he has always said no and that he wanted to overcome his addictions on his own. Now, he has officially accepted to do the program and says that he truly has the desire to change! It's amazing to see. The ward has also been so incredible in fellowshipping him. Cesar is doing so amazing right now and I am so relieved that we haven't lost him. He is going to do amazing things. He has strengthened my testimony so much and always makes me want to teach by the spirit and teach my investigators what God wants them to hear. I don't know what the people's needs are that we teach, but God always does. I have really learned that while being out here.

Random thing of the week: Guess who is the designated driver now?! Me!!! Haha. It's been great to drive :) Hermana Barrajas is a little scared of me and my driving, but it's been a fun adventure :)

One last thing I forgot that I will add pictures for this next week:

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit me! We got to go out to ice cream and just talk! It was such a fun surprise and so great to see them! Transfer days are so crazy and ice cream was just what we needed :) I got to show them around the apartment and my area. It was so great to see family!! :)

Hasta la proxima semana! Les quero mucho!

Hermana Failner