Monday, April 6, 2015

Ray has had a great week. We're struggling to find people to teach but know we will find the elect ~ Mission week 36 ~ Lexington week 14

Hello! Rey's baptism was great. He is such an awesome guy! I'm so proud of him! He makes me prouder every day! He teaches me so much. He has a had a great week and seems to be faring well. We have been struggling to find people to teach. That's usually what tends to happen after a baptism. Just finding a lot. But it has been really good and I know we will find the elect. My comp's first name is Sierra. She is from Hurricane, Utah. She is 20. We have had a good time together! We both have a great love for food :) Haha. She is also an extremely hard worker. We just have the same work ethic and it's really, really nice.

 Hermana Failner

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