Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sharing an inspired scripture that brings each other comfort. Answers to all of life's problems are found in the BOM. Jennica's last week in Mexico! ~ Mission Week 4

Hola everyone!

First, I want to thank all of you for your emails!! They make my week and it is so good to hear from all of you. Its crazy to think that I only have one more week until I leave! To be honest with all of you, the first thing I will be doing when I get back to the states is getting some fast food. I have missed it. Now more than ever I am SOOOO glad I am going back to the states to serve. Six weeks in Mexico is all I needed to realize that :) 

 I have been really sick and have been busier than ever. Sixteen hour days are not kind to the sick. But somehow the lord is carrying me through, and I am doing good! This week, as any other week, has been quite the week filled with a lot of experiences.I don't have time to share all of them, but I will share a few of the highlights of the week.

The experiences I want to share are about my testimony of the BOM, and that it literally has all of the answers we need to know in it.

First, my companion has been having a lot of nightmares lately, and a lot of sleepless nights. Sleep has also been something that has been difficult for me as well. She would have such terrifying nightmares, and it would be hard for her to go through the day because of how scary they were, and because of her lack of sleep. In class, one of the activities we did was to find a scripture in the BOM, and take ten minutes to teach our companion, keeping their needs in mind. I really wanted to find a scripture that would help Hermana Steele with her nightmares and something that would comfort her. I found Alma 35 through 37. These verses are amazing. I strongly recommend you all go and read them. They have given me and hermana Steele a lot of comfort, and I know that they can help all of you as well. It says to counsel the Lord in all they doings, and that he will watch over you in your sleep, and will give you peace, if you console him. It was such an amazing moment for us. The lord really does watch over us in our sleep, but only if we ask him and allow him to take the pains and hardships away. We all have our personal nightmares, but I know that the Lord can take them away. He is always watching over us. Even in the quiet moments when it seems that the turmoil, and pains we go through are unending. 

Next, hermana Steele shared with me an amazing scripture as well. It is D and C section 6 verses 20 through 21. It talks about the Savior, and that he is our light, and we are encircled in his loving arms during times of sorrow, grief, and absolute darkness. It was what I really needed to hear this week, and I know that this can help all of you as well. The Saviors arms are outstretched to all us, and he can be with us and take away our bad dreams and our tragedies, but only if we let him in. We were both crying and just hugged each other. It was exactly what we needed. We have had some hard times, not as a companionship, but in our personal lives, and the love we feel for each other is incredible. I hope that these scriptures can give you all some solace during hard times. 

Next story about the BOM. In one of our lessons, our fake investigator, Rodrigo, who is our teacher Hermano Ramierez, decided to really challenge us and give us a hard time. He asked about why Nephi was able to kill Laban and break the commandments. He was not satisfied with the answer of kill one man, and the nation will not perish answer. Some Elders and I were actually talking about how we would answer that, because they had been asked the same thing. With some research and asking, we found a really awesome scripture. It is in D and C 98 31 through 32. Once we got into the lesson, I completely forgot the reference. However, I knew it was in D and C but I didn't mark it. Somehow, I opened up my scriptures to the exact page where it was! It was one of those awesome moments where you knew the Lord was there to help you. I then had him read it. It talks about how Gods law is always consistent and that if others are intending to harm you, that you are justified in killing some one, and that it is the law that was given to Nephi when he killed Laban. After Rodrigo read it, he was literally speechless. I could tell my teacher was so surprised that we were able to give him such a deliberate and blunt answer to his question. It was a cool moment. Its not often that our teachers become speechless during lessons. The Lord literally provided a way and my faith in him has been strengthened. We had such a great lesson, and our teacher told us we did a good job. Getting a ¨good job¨ from Hermano Hernandez is not an easy thing to do, he is hard on us, and it felt good to truly teach by the spirit. 

I have learned so much. Especially using the scriptures to apply to others. I have learned that the scriptures should be taken spiritually and not literally, and that any passage can apply to any one if you use it in the right way. Our teacher told us to read and to approach the BOM as if it were a letter from God to us. It has completely changed my entire perspective of the BOm, how I read it, and how I use it to apply from others. I have learned how important it is to give background to investigators and make if part of them, and what is going on in their lives.

I am so grateful for the BOM and its profound influence in my life and its ability to apply  and to touch others lives. I know we all say this, but it literally has all the answers to any questions we have. We just have to search for them and have faith that God will provide an answer. God will provide the rest and make up the difference. This book is the most convincing evidence that we have of the truthfulness of the Gospel . Without it, we, our religion, who we are, and our purpose in this life would be nothing. I have never treasured a book so much in my life. My love for the BOM has tremendously grown. It is my rock, my source of stability, and my everything. I don't know what I would do without it.

If you're struggling with finding answers, the BOM has them. If we could find a scripture that literally testifies of why Gods law justified Nephi killing Laban, we can find anyone. Of course, some answers are more deliberate than others, but I promise you that if you search the scriptures and pray specifically to receive an answer you will. It is so amazing how many answers can be found in it. Everything have questions about are in the BOM, we just need to find them.

Lastly, we had another really good lesson that has strengthened my testimony of baptism. One thing I did that I haven't done before is I started to pray for my companion during the lesson. usually, I get worried about what we will say, if we will say it right, or will be inspired. Instead of worrying, I just prayed for her. It was the best lesson we have ever had. We literally finished each others sentences and were able to ask the right questions at the right time. We shared 2 Nephi 31:13, about how we need to follow the Savior into the waters of baptism. Christ is perfect, but he loved us so much that he set the example for us so that we can become completely clean and pure again. He was still hesitant about baptism. I felt impressed to ask him if he had faith in Christ, he said yes. I then asked him if he had faith in Christ, if he would be baptized. He looked at me straight in the eye and said at this very moment, I know totally and completely that what you are saying is true. At that point, I knew it wasn't our fake investigator talking, it was our teacher, Hermano cruz talking to us. It was such a precious, special moment. It made all of us emotional and we all just paused and looked at each other. I have never felt the spirit so strong. It was confirmed to the three of us that baptism is an essential ordinance and that our loving Savior wants us to be baptized and to be clean again. It was by no power of my own, but by the spirit. The power of prayer is so real. I know I say this a lot, but teaching by the spirit and feeling the spirit has been so incredibly amazing. In that moment with our teacher, the three of us could not deny it and could not deny the spirit we felt. 

I have never felt so loved in my life. My teachers here are so amazing, loving, and caring. I love my district and my zone as well. This experience at the MTC has been absolutely amazing. I still don't know everything about the gospel, but what I do know, and the witness I have received, I cannot deny. 

I love all of you so much. The BOM is amazing, and it has all of the answers. Please read it, I know that it will help you. 

Hermana Failner

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