Monday, August 25, 2014

A letter from the Mayor & the evil dog doesn't have rabies! ~ Hurstbourne Week 3 ~ Mission Week 8

Hello everyone!

This week has been quite the week, my goodness! First, you will all be so happy to know that I received a letter from the mayor this week saying that the evil dog who "attacked" me has been now released from quarantine and it doesn't have rabies! So I'm going to live! Haha. That poor little dog! The lady who is the owner of the dog was going to be an amazing potential Hispanic investigator. Now I'm not sure what we're going to do... that poor lady's dog was quarantined because of us! Not sure how that conversation with her is going to go... but we'll see. The Lord works in some... strange ways sometimes! Haha.
The other funny thing this week is that I just can't communicate at all. In Spanish or English. I'm so used to trying to talk in Spanish that when people will ask me things in English I will forget words and just can't remember English. And my Spanish isn't so hot right now either. So right now I'm completely socially awkward in both languages, and just can't communicate. But it's been a great way to break the ice with people! We laugh a lot about it and the members just feel bad for me and laugh, so it's been a good time haha.

Anyway, we had a great lesson with a new investigator this week, Yahima. She is also a fluent in English and is so understanding of me trying to learn Spanish. I wasn't afraid of saying something wrong, and she could at least understand what I was trying to say. The language barrier wasn't super bad in that lesson, which was a wonderful feeling. The spirit throughout the lesson was so strong. It's interesting because sometimes the spirit in lessons is strong like lightening and it just hits you so hard and is overwhelming. In others, the spirit comes more softly and is peacefully subtle. This was the type of spirit that was there. It was one of the most calming, peaceful feelings I have ever felt. I truly feel that different investigators need different types of manifestations from the spirit. Some need more of a deliberate confirmation of the truth, while others only need a still, small voice. Yahima just needed that peace.

Her concerns were that all churches are good, God is good, and that people are going to go to heaven. She is catholic (surprise!) and loves her church. But, she wants to know the truth and receive a confirmation. After talking with her about all of this, I got the impression to more bold and blunt with her. This can be a challenge for me, particularly in Spanish because if I don't quite understand what they are trying to say, and I boldly make a statement about it, it can go very, very wrong. But, I trusted in the spirit and just went for it. I told her that I understood that she was happy with her life, her religion and God, but that the restored gospel could give her even more of a happiness. I then told her that we could spend all the time in the world trying to convince her that the gospel was true and that it would mean nothing to her unless she read to Book of Mormon and prayed about it. I told her it was the only way, and she had to take action and do it. It really stopped her in her tracks and got her thinking and she said she wanted to start reading and praying. It's going to take time for her to know the truth, but I know she couldn't deny the spirit that she had felt, and neither could I. I have learned to trust in the spirit more and to not be afraid to be bold in Spanish. I speak the most fluently when I fully go by the spirit and trust in it.

Next, I want to talk about Hector. We taught him and his girlfriend Tamie together yesterday. It was funny because they would talk over each other and Hector would speak Spanish and Tamie wanted to talk in English. Of course, with my fantastic Spanish and all, I was left alone to talk to Hector, while Hermana Adams talked with Tamie. I was actually able to understand what his questions were. Granted, most of our conversation consisted of me repeating back what he said to make sure I understood him correctly, but it was interesting, and somehow it got somewhere. His major concerns were about life and death. He kept saying "tengo miedo" which means "I'm scared." He has been living his entire life scared and terrified to die. It broke my heart. He said that he wonders where the line is drawn between good works and bad works and where the cut off point is to whether you go to heaven or hell. He also wanted to know if death is a bad or a good thing. I am so grateful for the gospel we have and the plan of salvation so we can see our loved ones again and have eternal life. It was a little difficult for me because Hector asked such deep questions about all of this, and I didn't have enough Spanish to explain and answer his questions the way I would in English. That is why I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. It explains everything so much better than we can. I gave him Alma 41 to read, he read it on the spot, and he said that it all finally made sense, and that his questions were answered. The look of happiness and joy, and realization on his face was something I will never forget. This is why I am a missionary. This is why I serve Jesus Christ. It's moments like these that make doing what I do everyday worth it. We brought one of God's children to the truth, someone who had been living his entire life afraid to die. What an amazing, priceless gift that is. It is something I will never forget.

Anyway, I love all of you. Thank you for support. The church is true!
Hermana Failner

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