Monday, March 2, 2015

I will be training a new missionary coming in! ~ Mission week 34 ~ Lexington week 9

Hello! Well... this week has been crazy! I guess I will just get right to it... I found out on Saturday that Hermana Arnoldsen will be getting transferred and that I will be training a new missionary coming in! I was extremely shocked when I got the call from my President, and I am still a little in denial about it. I am still young in the mission and my Spanish is still not where I would like it to be. But... I guess this is the way for my Spanish to grow, and for me to really grow as a person. It's interesting because I had been really, really praying and asking Heavenly Father for help with my Spanish and way for it to improve so that I could have the hopes of becoming fluent. It's not that my Spanish is absolutely terrible, but that I felt that I was starting to just stay the same and that I really needed a push to improve more. Never in a million years did I see this as being the answer to my prayers! I am really quite scared, but at the same time so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to train. It will be such an amazing opportunity to grow and I can't wait to help and serve with her!

For other highlights of the week: Rey is still doing really, really well! He never misses appointments and is always crazy prepared to accept whatever commandment we give him. He is still doing amazing with the word of wisdom and was super psyched to find out about tithing. He is still progressing really well. I just love him and will be sending a picture of him this week! He is still looking solid for the 28th of March. I really feel like I was specifically sent here to teach him. He teaches me so much every day, and really pushes me to follow the spirit and to love the work. Other than Rey, we have gotten dropped a lot this week. We have taught a lot of lessons, but have been getting dropped within the next appointment. I have actually been really grateful for this. The people that have dropped us have been really upfront and honest. I really appreciate that. I feel like a lot of times people will still keep meeting with us just because they don't want to make us feel bad. When people do that it really wastes their time and our time. Entonces, I'm really grateful for the people that can tell us straight up. It also gives me comfort knowing that we truly established our purpose as missionaries, because they knew our ultimate goal was baptism. It's a bitter sweet type of a thing, but it works for me. That's it for this week. Nos vemos!

 Hermana Failner

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