Monday, February 2, 2015

We had a very touching lesson this week with Rey ~ Lexington Week 5 ~ Mission Week 30

Hello everyone!

It has been a great week this week!

We are still teaching Felipe, and he seems to be doing well. He is still very set on making changes in his life. He just doesn't like compromisos, or commitments. We are now calling them "buenas decisiones", or good decisions, so he doesn't get freaked out by them. A single 23 year old man living in a bachelor pad with commitment issues... shocker. But, all in all he is doing great. He loved the plan of salvation and is continuing to progress. I really enjoy teaching him. He is a really good sport. So many funny things happen to us during our lessons with him and he just laughs with us. It's a miracle he still talks to us and understands our Spanish haha.

Next, Renee is okay, but we weren't able to see her this week. There were some complications with papers with one of her daughters who is here on a work visa. So she has been in panic mode. We are praying that things will be better for her.

Rey is doing awesome!!! He reads all of the pamphlets we give him in addition to his book of mormon reading! Rey is just the best. We had a very touching lesson with him this week. I learned that he really is not confident in himself because his native language is another dialect from Mexico, and so he struggles with his Spanish. He also feels that he is unable to comprehend a lot of what he reads. It honestly broke my heart. I told him that he was a son of God and how valued he was to the Lord. The spirit was really strong, and I knew that was what the Lord wanted me to tell him. I have always been astounded by my ability to feel the love of God for others on my mission. The Lord has really blessed me with that capacity... without him I could do nothing.

Hermana Failner

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