Monday, February 9, 2015

Yesterday 3 of our most progressing investigators came to church!! It was seriously like Christmas! ~ Lexington Week 6 ~ Mission Week 31

February Zone Conference

Wow. I'm not even sure where to begin this week. It has definitely been successful. Yesterday 3 of our most progressing investigators came to church!! It was seriously like Christmas! Cesar, Felipe, and Rey all came! It was a dream.  In addition, one of our less actives also came to church and even gave Felipe a ride. Everything just came together this week.

One of the highlights of my week would definitely be the lessons we had with Rey. He is seriously such an amazing person and has overcome a lot in his life. I really feel like I was definitely supposed to come in contact with him for a reason. The lessons we have with him are so spiritual. We also had a member in the branch presidency, Hermano Valerio, come with us to appointment. It was absolutely amazing! Hmno. Valerio helped Rey to really feel more confident in himself to hold onto the faith and knowledge the he does have. It was incredible. Rey is super, super solid. He never misses appointments, is super humble, and always is willing to learn. Although his knowledge about God and gospel topics are limited, he has the purest desires I have ever seen. That's what counts.

We also met with Felipe this week. He seems to still be doing well. He has had a lot of questions and doubts, but with the help of the spirit, we have been able to alleviate them. And he came to church!

We also finally got into contact with Renee this week! She is still amazing and has been reading SO MUCH in the Book of Mormon. I always love teaching her and learning from her.

We also met with Cesar this week. Cesar really keeps me on my toes. He is very logical and always needs tangible evidence before he will believe something. We had a very interesting lesson about faith with him, and he admitted that he doesn't think that he has any faith at all. We were able to help him and he showed up to church!

Hermana Failner

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