Monday, December 15, 2014

I am so grateful to be a representative of Jesus Christ ~ Fairdale Week 13 ~ Mission Week 23

Hello everyone!

Man oh man has it been a crazy week! I don't even know where to begin. This letter might be a little disorganized, but hopefully I can get my points across.

First is Flor!!! I love her. We ended up finding her in an area that was just given to us and added to our area. She had been seeing missionaries 7 years ago but had lost contact with them. Her step son is also a baptized, less active member. In addition, she has actually been to our ward a few years ago and remembers it! She is absolutely stellar! She is also one of the easiest people for me to understand... and to communicate with! Praise the Lord!  We had the most amazing lesson with her last week. We watched the restoration video to see what she remembered, and then afterwards she had lots of questions for us to answer. It was incredible! Somehow we were able to answer every question and doubt she had. At the end, we asked her if she had more questions or was confused and she told us that everything, every doubt or struggle she had had in the past was answered. It was such a spiritual lesson that was truly guided by the spirit. I don't know her needs, but God does. It was so evident in that lesson. I feel like through God I truly know her. She also has an amazing family and we are going to be teaching all of them! Yay for families!

Next is our crazy near death experience. These actually happen pretty frequently, but we won't go into that :) But this one is worth sharing! Through this experience, I truly have a testimony of revelation and receiving it even when we don't realize what it is and being obedient missionaries. It was a bizarre experience and had Hermana Barajas and I had decided to do anything different that day things could have turned out differently. So, we now get a car Wednesdays and Saturdays and we drop it off at the elders at night. We were on our way to the Elder's and had left a little bit earlier than normal. In addition, for some reason we decided to take a different route than usual to get to their apartment. While we were driving, we witnessed a car accident, directly in front of us. It was with a huge truck and a small car, and the truck hit the car pretty hard, the car spun out of control, and then hit the lamp post. It was pretty obvious that it was truck's fault, and that people in the car could be hurt. We stopped to go check on the people in the car and to see if they needed witnesses for the accident. The side that was hit the hardest had a women inside who was pregnant. It was obvious that she was scared and hurt. While we were out there, the driver of the truck came up. It was very obvious that he was wasted. It took all I had to be Christ like towards him and to not tell him how angry I was with him for deliberately breaking the law and putting someone's life in danger. I then remembered my name tag and whose name was on it. As a representative of Jesus Christ, I needed to act like it, and Christ would have still treated him with love. I was able to be peaceful about the situation because of that. I am so grateful to be a representative of Jesus Christ! It helps me remember that I need to be Christlike at all times. Afterwards, they asked us to stay to give a statement to the police. The drunk man was arrested, and we gave our statement. We left the sweet family with our phone number on a card and asked them to call us if they needed anything. Everyone in the accident was okay, although mildly injured. Before we left, the pregnant women's mom had arrived at the scene. She came up to our car in tears, and told us how grateful she was that we had stayed with them and for the statement we gave. It was a truly humbling experience, and one that I won't ever forget. It also makes me realize how grateful I am to live and how precious of a gift it is to have life. Had we done something any different, Hermana Barajas and I could have been hit, and we wouldn't have been able to witness the accident and help the family through the ordeal. I am so grateful for this experience.

Lastly, we found a new family last night, the Estradas, and had an incredible lesson. The highlight for me was kneeling down with them in prayer. With the husband, wife, and their three children. It was incredible. Enough said.

Hasta la pasta!

Hermana Failner

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