Monday, October 6, 2014

With the Lord and the atonement, I know he can leave it all behind ~ Fairdale Week 3 ~ Mission Week 13

Hello everyone!!

It's been quite the week!!

First, I had an exchange with one of the Hermana training leaders, Hermana Binks! All by myself, in Fairdale. I had only been there for 2 weeks! I was terrified  because I'm still trying to learn the area and know where everything is. But to my surprise, it went great and we experienced so many amazing miracles! We found six new investigators and taught all of them!! It was so cool. In the Spanish world this NEVER happens. We have to search for needles in haystacks to find Hispanics around here! We were so excited. One of the coolest experiences we had is that we found a family! I LOVE teaching families. They are the greatest. We had a member out with us and were out contacting. She decided to contact this man outside of his house. His name is Fernando and he knew enough English to talk to her. She asked him if we could offer a prayer with him. He immediately agreed and invited us in to pray with his four kids and his wife! It was so incredible! Most people don't randomly invite weird missionaries and members into their houses like that! We had the best lesson with them and just talked to them about prayer and the feelings they can get with it. Sister Sorrenson, the member that went with us brought the spirit so strong! By the end we were all so overcome with the spirit, just talking about prayer. This family has something special. I don't see it often, but there was such a good spirit in their home. I can't wait to teach them again on Tuesday!

Thus, my exchange went well aside from the fact that I forgot which apartment number we lived in and tried to break into someone's house, it was great! Also, during a prayer we were offering with a Hispanic woman, I got attacked by a bee and was running up and down the street during the prayer. It would not leave me alone! But I made it back to the prayer before Hermana Binks finished it. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm crazy and deranged. But we got a good laugh out of it :)

We also had a great lesson with Cesar this week. It was good, but emotional. He is still struggling with the Word of Wisdom. He had every Word of Wisdom problem in the book and has gotten rid of all of them except one. It  has been hard. He is so close to baptism, he just needs to dejar, or completely leave behind all of his addictions. We had to have a do or die lesson with him. We had to tell him that if he relapses one more time that we would have to completely stop teaching him. It was a very emotional lesson. We all were crying. It was very guided by the spirit. We had to be firm and direct. I am grateful for Spanish because the only way I know how to say things is by being direct. I can't beat around the bush at all, and that's what he needed. We had an incredible lesson about repentance. He has committed to leave it all completely behind. We hope that he does. We pray so hard for him and work every day to try and help him. I hope he can do it. With the Lord and the atonement, I know he can. Pero, solemente if he allows the atonement in his life and if he truly uses it.

It's been a crazy week filled with some great miracles!

Hasta luego!
Hermana Failner

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