Monday, October 13, 2014

Once she was taught how to pray, her life changed forever ~ Fairdale Week 4 ~ Mission Week 14

Hello all!!
It's been a good week! It's starting to get cold and I'm learning the hard way that skirts are not the warmest or the most practical articles of clothing to be wearing out here. But it's alright, I'm going to adjust and 30 layers of tights every day. Quien sabe.
First, I got to go back to my old area, Hurstbourne, for the whole day on Wednesday!! It was so amazing! Hermana Wilbur had a leadership training to go to, and, with the help of the Zone leaders (or maybe a little begging... haha), I was able to visit and work in my old area with the other Hurstbourne Hermanas! It was so awesome! Honestly it was really good experience for me. I truly realized that I was not meant to be there anymore and that I could no longer receive the revelation that I had received previously for investigators I worked with. One of the most progressing ones, Arturro, had disappeared for several weeks and the Hermanas weren't able to contact him. Miraculously, we found him while I was there! it was crazy, he had broken several of his ribs and was in a really bad place and was angry at God. I had never seen him in such a low place before. But, we had a great lesson with him. We were able to talk to him about how he can still overcome his trials and set backs and that God is truly there for him. It really showed me that I was not meant to be the one to help him anymore and that the other three Hermanas are the ones that he needs to get him through all of this. It's really strengthened my testimony of being the places that God wants us to be, even when it all doesn't make sense.
Also, I found out that one of the other investigators I had taught, Tamie, was so upset about me leaving the area that she was having a hard time being taught about the gospel and didn't really want to be taught anymore. I was also able to find her and just talk to her. I absolutely love Tamie, but the important thing is that as missionaries we are solamente, or only, mouth pieces or instruments in God's hand to preach the gospel. It doesn't matter who teaches her because as missionaries we all teach through the spirit, we are simply the mouthpieces. I told her that she could always feel that same spirit and confirmation, regardless if I was there or not. This experience has really strengthened my testimony of the power of teaching by the spirit and realizing that we truly aren't teaching anything, especially in the way we want. We teach in the Lord's way through the spirit. If we do it this way, then the spirit will always convert and testify. It was a powerful experience. The spirit has humbled me so much. I have realized how weak I am. I am nothing without the spirit. Without it, I can literally do nothing as a missionary.
Honestly, it's been a whirl wind of a week, but it ended really well. We had lost contact with our investigator, Cesar, since Tuesday. It was really hard and we were so worried. We literally talk to him every night and have a lesson with him over the phone and just check in and see how he's doing. We told our bishop and some of the other ward members about it. It has been amazing to see the support the bishop and other ward members have for us and also for Cesar. The ward literally loves him. Although it is an English speaking ward and we translate for the few Hispanics that come, even the English speaking ward members have grown to love him and have seen his spirit and influence. Long story short, our Bishop ended up finding Cesar yesterday and we are going to be able to start teaching him again. It was a miracle! It has been so amazing to see the support that we have received from him. Everyone sees that Cesar is meant to join the church and that there is so much hope for him. This could not keep on going if it weren't for our Bishop and for the others in the ward that love Cesar. It's been incredible to see. I am so relieved and excited that we can continue teaching him. We know he is meant to be a part of this gospel.
Another touching experience we had this week was with a new investigator Francisca. She can't read and has had some hesitations about learning because of this, especially when it comes to the Book of Mormon. We had a member who is a recent convert named Katie come out with us. She doesn't speak Spanish, so we would translate back and forth. It was so incredible how meant to be it was that she was there. Katie is so amazing. She had also had a hard time reading and understanding the Book of Mormon. She said that while she was investigating the church, she would read and pray and go to church because she knew it was the right thing to do, even though she couldn't comprehend it or understand why she was doing all of those things. But eventually, one day it all made sense to her and she received her answer. After that, she was also able to fully comprehend the Book of Mormon. Katie was able to share this with Francisca and the spirit was so powerful. In addition, we also taught Francisca how to pray, and she was very uneasy and nervous about the whole process. Katie also had similar experiences about prayer and how she didn't know how and how once she was taught how to pray, her life changed forever. It was so incredible. Despite the language barrier, Katie and Francisca were truly able to understand each other through the spirit. It's amazing how their paths have crossed and how perfect they are for each other and how much they help each other!
Anyway, it has been a good week! Hasta la proxima semana.
La Hermana Failner

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