Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bearing testimony of the plan of salvation, finding comfort knowing we will be friends after this life. Testimony of the priesthood, fasting and the gift of tongues. ~ Mission Week 2

Hola everyone!

Wow, it’s been quite the week for me. Who knew so much could happen in two weeks. It literally feels like I’ve been here for a year!

First, I want to thank everyone for their emails last week. It was great to hear from all of you. I heard that Reagan´s funeral was good, and that so many people showed up. Reagan had such an infectious personality, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that so many people came. Please, please, please keep praying for the Jensen’s during this difficult time. Also know that I am praying for the Jensen’s and all of you during this difficult time. Every day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and personal prayers. I can’t even imagine. Let me know if there is ANYTHING i can do to help. I don’t know all of the reasons why things happen. Sometimes its hard for me to know why the Lord puts certain things in our lives. To be honest, I really wish I could have been there for the funeral. I wish I could have been there for my family, and for the Jensen’s. I wish I could be with my best friend, who has just lost her brother. The Jensen’s are my family, and it was hard for me to not be there with them and with all of you. It breaks my heart. However, I find much solace in the gift of the Holy Ghost and the plan of salvation. I realize that these are very typical, primary answers to problems. But, I have never realized the true influences of these principles until I have been on my mission. 

It devastates me to know that people in the world have no concept of being able to see someone who has passed on again in the next life, and that they can receive so much comfort through espiritu santo y la expiacion. Oops, sorry, that was Spanish. The gift of the Holy Ghost and the atonement. I testify to all of you that these are real principles and that if we utilize them we can feel so much peace and comfort in times of need. There are SO MANY chapters in the book of Mormon that talk about all of these. The book of Mormon can also bring so much comfort and peace to people. 

In addition, my testimony of prayer has also been strengthened. Pray to God. I know it seems so simple. But pray to God and ask him and Jesus Christ to bear your burdens, your pains, your sorrows. The atonement isn’t just for sin, it’s for the pains of the entire world. We cant get through this life alone. Ask him for his help. You are NEVER alone. The atonement and the savior are the only reasons why I have been carried through hard times in my life, and this time during the MTC.

On another note, I am so grateful for my companion Hermana Steele and my entire district and zone. I have never felt so much support and love. I have learned to appreciate the little things in life. The support they have give me has been absolutely incredible. The day I found out about Reagan’s death, I was struggling. My companion handled it so well. She took me outside, hugged me, and just let me cry. My companion and I have become so much closer because of all of this. Throughout the day, I struggled, and people noticed. One of the hermanas in my zone, Hermana Ferris gave me a HUGE chocolate bar and would just hug me. It seriously meant so much. I never knew a chocolate bar could make me cry so much. 

In addition, two of the hermanas that are in the same room as mi companion y yo, wrote me the sweetest notes. They covered my bed with sticky notes and chocolates, with words of love and encouragement. They are so incredible, and it meant so much. In addition, one of the other hermanas in my zone wrote me a letter about friends that she had lost in a tragic accident and how hard it was, but how through Christ, the atonement, and prayer, she was able to get through it. Another Elder in my District gave me a book mark that said strength on it and a scripture in Philippians 4:13, which states that we can do ANYTHING with God and a package of tissues. 

I also want to testify of the power of the priesthood. The night I find out about everything that happened, one of the Elders in my zone offered to give me a priesthood blessing. All of the hermanas in my zone stayed for it. It was absolutely incredible. I felt so much peace and comfort. It said how proud the lord was of me for serving him, and we all completely lost it. I know that the priesthood is real. Receiving a priesthood blessing can help all of us feel the Holy Ghost, and can bring us so much comfort. I don’t know what I would have done without that blessing.

I have one last experience I want to share. The gift of tongues, and teaching by the spirit is so real. This past Sunday, we had a testimony meeting. I was a little afraid to go and share mine because of my poor ability to speak Spanish, but I felt inspired to do so, and went up and bore it. The experience was so incredible. I have never spoken such fast, fluent, and perfect Spanish. The words just came to me. I didn’t even stumble. I felt such an incredible power inside of me. When I finished my testimony and sat down, I literally felt electricity inside of me. I was literally shaking from the power and the spirit that I felt in that moment. My ability to give such a powerful, fluent testimony was by no power of my own, but through the Holy Ghost and the spirit. I know God is with me and all of us in all times.

Lastly, I fasted for all of you and for the Jensen’s this week. My testimony of fasting has been strengthened, and the peace I have felt has been so indescribable. In addition, my district and I sang nearer my God to thee in Spanish during sacrament. I sang it for the Jensen family, and for Reagan. We were all so emotional, and I know that spirits were with us.

I love all of you so much. You are all so incredible. Know that you are not alone and that you can receive peace and comfort through the Holy Ghost, the atonement, and through the power of the priesthood. Remember, you are NEVER alone.
Sorry for this scatterbrained email!! haha.

Until next week.

Hermana Failner

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